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New/Outplacement for Companies

As a company - why should you offer New/Outplacement?

Downsizing projects are part of our economic reality today. They have an impact on your entire company: not only those directly affected by the layoffs, but also your remaining employees, your management/leadership team, your reputation as an employer and as a business. Successfully navigating staff reductions is one of the greatest challenges for Managers today.

On the one hand, it is a question of separating fairly and responsibly from those concerned, if possible by mutual agreements. This means it is important to design a fair transition process in order to give the affected employees a future life-perspective.

On the other hand, it is also important to provide a strong signal for those remaining, i.e. for those employees and leaders with whom you wish to succeed in the future. Productivity losses due to poorly executed change processes are typically around up to 25% and can persist for up to two years.

This includes for example losses from increased turnover of high performers, who may be more inclined to leave the company after layoffs. And last but not least, of course your image as an employer is on display in public, now more than ever given that many potential employees are familiar with employee review websites such as kununu and glassdoor and will check them for employer assessments before deciding which company they wish to work for.

Offering New/Outplacement Programs is an important building block for a positive workplace culture: as part of the severance package, it supports the affected persons (leaders - managers - specialists) on their professional transition journey.

New/Outplacement allows you to give transitioning employees a real sense of their future professional outlook and possibilities, making it easier to part amicably. You also send a strong signal to those remaining. Ultimately, the trust of your employees is a key asset. So-called “soft separations” are generally perceived to be fairer both by remaining employees and by the general public. This means New/Outplacement is an additional form of employer branding and a good investment in your reputation as an employer.

Good reasons to use New/Outplacement:

  • Reducing legal costs arising from disagreements over the terms of the transition
  • Employer branding in times of social media platforms such as  
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Support the productivity of remaining employees

How are we working together?

You will get a copy of our book “Menschen fair behandeln – Professionelles Trennungsmanagement & New/Outplacement. You will also be provided with documents regarding the New/Outplacement Program, which you can hand out to transitioning employees after the exit interview. Before the exit interview, we can do exit interview training with your managers.

This is often taken up, particularly in cases anticipated to be difficult. This service is free of charge for you when you book a New/Outplacement Program. If necessary the transitioning employee can get in touch with us or we will make contact. After the initial contact, the New/Outplacement client will be officially enrolled in the New/Outplacement Program and you will get written confirmation from us. Let's get cracking.

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