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Early Intervention Talk

The impact of a downsizing project is most severe for those directly affected – the transitioning employees. On the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (a stress scale measuring the impacts of 43 different life events) loss of employment ranks eighth.

This is one more reason why this situations must be handled with great care. After the exit interview, the Early Intervention Talk gives transitioning employees the opportunity to discuss their difficult situation with a New/Outplacement Counsellor - someone outside the company and family, with whom they can have an honest, candid discussion. The affected persons agree to this during the exit interview and are then contacted by the New/Outplacement Counsellor.


  • Individual life situation after exit
  • Resources and competences
  • Future perspectives


  • Future perspectives
  • Stabilisation after the exit interview


  • Individual coaching (in person/by telephone)

Target group:

  • Transitioning employees

Our service is directed at HR managers and senior managers, who are confronted with personnel reduction and terminations.

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